Look sexy and feel sexy with the right clothes

Appropriate clothing plays a huge role in how sexy you look and feel. What you'll wear is very dependent on what you're doing and where you're going, it's important to dress properly for the occasion.

Common clothing mistakes

- Wearing the wrong size : too loose or too tight can be a bad thing

- Too flashy :
clothing that draws attention is fine but some items go too far, avoid these

a very not sexy dress

- Out of style : some clothing was only popular for a short amount of time, try avoiding wearing something that's obviously old because of its style

- Bad colors : some colors just weren't meant for clothes and some colors don't go well with some skin tones, if you're not sure play it safe and go with a color you know looks good

People who make these mistakes tend to make the same kind of mistake over and over. For example people who tend to wear clothes too tight or wear strange colors tend to have a lot of clothes that match that description. To make sure you look and feel your sexiest it's important that you identify the problem and correct it.

If you're over weight or self conscious it's still better to wear something that fits reasonably instead of something that's so big that it hides your figure completely. If nothing else properly fitted clothes say that you're comfortable with your body and give you an air of self confidence and everyone thinks self confidence is sexy.

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