What you don't know

You're getting checked out by people more than you could ever know. A passing car, through a store window, at work and all the other places you find yourself throughout the day. Those people who give you the cold shoulder and are trying to look serious ? Yes them too, just moments ago they joined the long list of people who will check you out today.

We're all aware of this on some level but the point is worth repeating. People consider how sexy you are hundreds or even thousands of times a day. To me the term "check out" has a really broad meaning. Stuff like looking over someones shoes, shirt, hair all the way to the other end of the spectrum.

So when I say "check out" I don't just mean for example, people you look at and think "oh I would like to date them" or whatever else the case may be.

Try this on for size,

think about how many people you check out per day

What does it all mean ?

If you are in the business of looking sexy it may be to your benefit to try to look sexy as often as possible. Because you never know when that person from work you like will spot you on isle 7 at the store buying toilet paper.

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