Just Smile

The right answers are often the obvious ones. An easy way to keep your sexiness factor elevated is to let your natural smile shine through. Don't lay it on too thick like you're a statue or some type of freak show. By smiling more often people will automatically consider you sexier.

Your smile is the business card of who you are,
display it with pleasure.

There are more than a few people who try to hide their smile because they are embarrassed about something. However when you do this everyone can tell you're hiding your smile, which is worse than whatever it is you're embarrassed about.

Smile and Look Sexy

So if you're embarrassed about your smile try to work past it so you can let your natural smile out - this is what everyone is looking for anyhow.

Practice smiling if you get the chance. The more you let it come out naturally the easier it will be and the better your smile, sexiness and self confidence will be.

Sure way to boost sexiness points there.

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