What's not sexy

Let's have a look at what most people can agree is not sexy.

Excessive profanity - e.g. f#!$ this, f!@* that
Cussing is acceptable within almost every social circle but even people who pride themselves on their ability to cuss look down on those who abuses the art.

Sea food - e.g. chewing with your mouth open
Your friends, family and co-workers are all very pleased you've mastered the art of eating. Now they are wondering if you can master the art of chewing with your mouth closed.

Ground watchers - e.g. you see more of the ground then you do the sky
Holding your head up gives you a look of confidence which translates into you looking sexier.

Weighted shoulder syndrome - e.g. your shoulders look like you've got 20 pound weights on them
Chances are your shoulders don't have a 20 pound weight on them. So put some practice into keeping your shoulders pushed back. This will give you a look of confidence.

Short story : Little changes in how you behave can go a long way. Figure out what sexy people do and follow their lead.

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