Looking sexy for your husband or boyfriend

Every year Christmas comes and goes and we all go through the same routine. We wait until the last minute to do our shopping and then wonder what to buy for everyone.

What does that little bit have to do with looking sexy for your husband or boyfriend? Everything.

The trick to choosing the right Christmas present is the same trick you use when trying to look sexier for your significant other : listen.

If you listen people will tell you what they want. Over the course of being with your significant other they've probably laid out exactly what they think is sexy. They've probably told you exactly what clothes they like on you the best, what hair style is the sexiest for you and a lot of other useful information on what they think is sexiest about you.

Feel sexy look sexy

Sit down and spend a while thinking back over what types of things your significant other has said they think are sexy - make a list. After you come up with a few items find ways to incorporate those things into how you act and dress. No one knows your significant other like you do so you have the best judgment on what they will ultimately think is sexy.

If you're drawing blanks on what your significant other thinks is sexy use the age old "isn't that sexy" trick. It goes like this, while watching a movie, tv or whatever you comment on how you think something is sexy. They will most likely comment also either agreeing or disagreeing with what you said. Make a little mental note of how they feel about it. This will let you slowly build a mental profile of what they think is sexiest.

After you come up with a list of things find easy ways to turn those items into things you can do. You may not have a little black dress such as the one they mentioned but maybe you have something similar, work with what you have.

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