Walk The Walk

An important part of looking sexy is how you carry yourself.

Take a look at run way models. Try to ignore the fact that it seems like a lot of them don't eat and pay attention to their walk and how they carry themselves. A run way models walk is designed to show confidence and grace. These two qualities put together end up creating a sexy look.

In fact someone who knows how to walk the walk of a sexy person will look sexy in almost anything they wear. Because what's making them sexy isn't what they wear - it's how they wear it.

You could take someone who walks the walk of a sexy person and put them in a towel or a bath robe and it wont matter. What's making them look sexy is their walk of confidence and grace.

Try and capture these two qualities. The more you can make it so that your mere presence is sexy the less what you wear will be drawn into consideration.

Another example is Hollywood stars.

You'll see men and women wearing regular clothes - but on them it looks ultra-sexy. Part of the reason is that Hollywood stars have also mastered the art of giving off a look of confidence and grace.

So don't worry if you don't have anything sexy to wear. Focus on playing the role of a sexy person. If you can master that it won't matter what clothes you have because how you cary yourself will make you sexy.

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