Four steps to increased sexiness

Here's a few simple tips anyone can use to look and feel sexier :

1. Drink more water and drink less of the bad stuff.

Having enough water in you is critical to your over all health and the health of your skin. Drinking more water and less bad stuff also gets the toxins out of your body faster. This effects your over all health and can greatly impact how you look and feel.

What's the bad stuff ?

Coffee , soda or any drink with a lot of sugar. Not only is a lot of sugar bad for you but you gain weight from it.

2. Take a walk a few times a week.

Try to walk at a fairly fast pace. If you walk too slow it will only make you tired and you won't be getting much exercising done. By walking faster your body starts to create more energy which you'll enjoy throughout the day. Hopefully you can work up a sweat, this will allow you to clean the pores of your skin from the inside out. This is the best way to keep your skin looking healthy.

3. Use lotion often.

Apply lotion every time you shower and after you wash your face before bed. This is the second half of keeping your skin looking sexy. The first half is drinking water. Your goal is to hydrate your skin from the inside and outside. Doing one without the other will only get you half the results.

4. Get some sun a few times a week.

This doesn't mean you need to lay out in the sun 5 days a week. Just try to be out in the sun for at least 30 minutes solid or so a few times a week.

The sun is one of the few natural sources of vitamin D (also known as the "feel good vitamin"). Doing this will make sure you get enough vitamin D and provide a little more tan than you had already. If you're walking a few times a week getting that extra sun should be easy.

These tips are best used together.

If you're taking walks and getting extra sun but not drinking water and continuing to drink soda this obviously isn't a good combination.

If you use all of these tips together you'll find yourself looking and feeling sexier soon.

Short Story : Drink more water, exercise a few times a week, use lotion and get some sun.

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