New habits to help you look sexy and feel sexy

If what you're doing now isn't making you look sexy and feel sexy then it's time for a change.

Out with the old and in with the new.

The shirt that doesn't make you look sexy isn't going to magically make you a beauty queen one day. Those little quirks you have (and hate) aren't going to magically turn into the "new sexy thing" next week.

If something isn't working then you gotta stop using it.

Looking and feeling sexier is about developing and nurturing new and beneficial habits.

This site gets visitors from all over the world so I can't just give you some "one size fits all" answer. Different things for different cultures. Figure out what qualities are considered sexy in your part of the world then take steps to cultivate those qualities in yourself.

Of the things that are "universally sexy" self confidence and a good sense of humor are way up there on the list. From India to Iceland people prefer those who are confident and funny.

Looking and feeling sexier is about a life style change. Long term change isn't something you do overnight. You try and fail and try again. Failure is a normal part of success. Very few people succeed at things without a hand full of failures. The only time you truly fail is when you stop trying.

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