Be provocative

Being provocative doesn't mean you need to cast your morals aside. Looking sexy can be simple as unbuttoning one extra button on your shirt or rolling up your sleeves. The new sexy you wont be made up of all the stuff the old you does.

Some changes are required and some of them won't be easy at first but with time and practice they'll get easier.

Act sexier to be sexier

Unlike the picture above you won't be acting provocative in front of hundreds of cameras and thousands of strangers. You don't need to act super provocative , but just a little.

To help curb your shyness or embarrassment while being more provocative take it in baby steps - one little thing at a time.

Don't bother telling anyone you're going to be acting sexier - just do it.

The element of surprise will create a lot of the impact. If you rush home and tell your husband that later on you'll be acting sexy he'll be expecting it and that will diminish the effect.

The best part about this is it doesn't require you to buy anything.

Just a few simple changes to your here and there at the right times and you're looking sexier in no time. If you have trouble thinking of how to act provocative then think of how they do it in the movies as your inspiration.

Being provocative has several key ingredients (listed in order of importance) :
  1. Confidence
  2. Attitude
  3. Know how
Notice clothing isn't on that list.

You can act provocative no matter what you wear since being provocative (and sexier) is more about how you carry yourself and less about what you wear.

It also doesn't matter too much if you fumble through it the first few times. The most important part is that you maintain your confidence and attitude.

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